Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writing and the Creative Process

Writing is indeed a creative process. As I discover more about the creative process it is essential that we as individuals can slow down and listen within, thereby getting to know our own unique creative self.  Breathe and listen. It’s a fine way to start the day and set an intention for focus.
Listening to authors, artists, chefs or surgeons discuss how they get lost in what they do, with Passion, intrigues me because everyone has their own take on the creative process. What sparks you? What connects you to your greater Source? Clearly fast-paced cyber society is often numbing and getting away from electronic equipment long enough to breathe and listen is restorative.
Inevitably what I come back to is breathing, visualizing, having gratitude and connecting with people, usually through conversation. Now it’s your turn.  I’d be grateful to know what YOUR COMMENTS are on anything discussed here, or in the archived blogs, whether or not you’ve looked at Each Other, the novel that started this blog.
The bulk of Each Other takes place in 1862, 150 years ago. Reading Each Other takes us to a simpler time, a slower time when the telegraph was new and before electricity was harnessed for daily use; A time when oil lamps and candles were used to light homes after the sun went down and a time when men, women and children had to chop wood and haul water no matter what the weather. Many grew the food they needed or purchased it nearby. There are many discussions that can be generated from reading this story about a spy for the Union living in northern Virginia in 1862 and what she is willing to risk just when her life gets complicated by falling deeply in love with a Confederate Captain.
My next blog will be book discussion questions for Each Other. Download or sample the book at  or at many of the distributors for ebooks and if you have discussion questions for the book, please submit them as a comment to this blog. Many thanks for reading!

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