Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Review and Book Discussion Questions

It's a beautiful May morning and before I start my day job I want to share Each Other's first review. The link will take you to the and just scroll to the bottom to find it. Four stars! Many thanks!

 I am hearing from a lot of folks about the book and the blog. Please feel free to add a comment on the blog ... you can use initials or first names if you don't want to sign it. I'd like to hear about your writing. Do  you write? Do you want to? Does the use social media add to or detract from your personal writing?

Would you like to suggest discussion questions for Each Other?
I promised to offer up a few myself so here are just a few to start off:
-What is different or unusual about Annie and Warren's relationship, outside of the time frame that they find themselves in?
-Do you find that some people have come into your life with a special quality where they can reach down into your core as if you two have been connected somewhere before, in another time?
-Have you taken a new Path or journey because of someone you met?  Think about the impact it had on you or how it changed your course in life.
-What do you think Annie means when she writes, 'We are who we are because of each other?'
-If that is a true statement, how does our world of sound bites and defined number of character announcements constitute communication?
-Did folks of the 19th century do a better job of connecting then we are in this crazy busy 21st century world? Why or why not?
-If you could ask Annie or Warren a question, what would it be?
-Why the time period of the Civil War? What did that have to do with each other (find examples in the book)?

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